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Nicole Van Croft
Playmate of the month October 2000
Nacimento/Birthday: 5-XI-1973
Lugar/Place: Jacksonville,Florida(USA)
Profesión/Job: Actriz/Actress

BIRTHDATE: 5 November 1973

BIRTHPLACE: Jacksonville, Florida USA

BUST: 36" DD

WAIST: 24"

HIPS: 36"

HEIGHT: 5' 5"

WEIGHT: 115 lbs

To be a millionaire before 35. Get married so I can have babies.

Intelligent guys with a lot of class.

People who do not want the best for others.

I would be more neat, because everyone I know calls me the biggest slob they ever met.

I talked my two best friends into withdrawing from a semester in college with me. We received a tuition refund and went to Vegas and partied until the money was gone.
The first time I saw an issue of Playboy, I was fascinated and intimidated. Impressed by all the beautiful models, I imagined what it would be like to be in the magazine one day, but immediately dismissed the thought because I couldn't ever imagine myself posing nude. Amazing how things change, right?
I grew up an only child in Jacksonville, Florida and come from a conservative Christian background. My dad is a real estate developer and my mother, who owned a women's center (a combination of a dress salon, spa and restaurant) while I was growing up, now teaches religious philosophy in Greek, Hebrew and English. Since I didn't have any siblings, my childhood was uneventful except for a trip that we took each December to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I usually hung out by the pool, walked on the beach or played volleyball with other kids that I met -- I also drank pina coladas when my parents weren't around, but that was the extent of my mischief.
During the rest of the year, I assisted my mother with her women's center or dedicated time to studying and participating in school activities such as ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics. I realized that I had a passion for sports and that love for athletics continued throughout high school. I was involved in volleyball, basketball and football and went on skiing trips every year with classmates to Keystone or Breckenridge, Colorado. I challenged myself on an academic level as well by taking advanced courses and graduating when I was 16. Shortly thereafter, I attended Arizona State University for psychology, but only enrolled for a year because I needed a break from scholastics.
The great thing that occurred in my first year at ASU was that I went to Miami during spring break -- I loved it so much that I eventually moved there. I missed my parents, but it felt exciting and liberating to make my own decisions. I had friends who lived within close proximity, so that made the transition to being on my own easier. We usually went to various clubs in South Beach and would get a bite to eat afterward -- and that's what led to my fate as a Playmate. My friends and I went to a pizza stand after clubbing one night and while we were in line a photographer from Playboy asked if I was interested in becoming a Playmate. I knew he was legitimate because his business card was the same as other Playboy photographers who'd approached me twice before while I was on vacation in New York and Chicago. I even called once to verify the number...and, surprisingly enough, it was real. I had declined the previous times because I never felt the timing was right -- but at this point in my life I didn't have a reason to say no. SO....
I was very nervous at the beginning of my shoot -- since I was self-conscious about my body, I thought the photographer would be inspecting every inch of me. I realized, however, that he was actually looking at me from an artistic standpoint in order to capture the best shot.

Some people ask if it was a weird experience to pose nude: I wasn't uncomfortable in the slightest, I tell them, because the photographer was a distance away and very professional. Realistically, I think you're apt to see more of a person when they're sitting on the beach. My friends were very encouraging about my pictorial and seemed happier than I did. When we go to a club they will ask people, "Do you know who she is?" I get a bit flustered, but it's not as embarrassing as when certain places in my hometown have posters of me on their wall. I'm just grateful that my parents now live in Las Vegas so they don't have to see anything. To see unpublished photos from my Playmate pictorial, join the Playboy Cyber Club.
My advice for any woman who aspires to be a Playmate is to let Playboy pick you. I don't believe in the try, try, again philosophy: I believe things are meant to be and no one should force it. If you don't get picked that doesn't mean you're not pretty, it just means that Playboy wants a certain look. For example, I don't have that particular look needed to be a runway model.
Since my pictorial I've traveled around the United States attending autograph sessions as a Playboy Bunny and have met a variety of musicians and celebrities at parties at the Mansion. I especially love the comedians -- but they come a close second to Hef, who is the most intelligent man that I've ever met. I don't think some people realize the extent of his kind and gentle nature -- he's a hopeless romantic. There's also a camaraderie among the Playmates -- I describe it as a sorority because everyone gets along so well (I really like Shannon Stewart, Suzanne Stokes and Nicole Lenz). It's difficult for us to get together since everyone lives in different states, but Julie Cialini is one of the few Playmates who live within close proximity so hopefully we'll take a trip to Key West soon.

In addition to my responsibilities as a Playmate, I enrolled in college again for communications and photography classes. I don't mind the hectic pace, but sometimes I just like to spend time painting, repairing things around my house, playing sports or cooking -- my favorite dish is German-style fettuccine alfredo with lots of cream cheese! I also find relaxation in driving by myself and listening to an eclectic range of music consisting of old rock, hip-hop, rap and disco. My dream is to parlay my love for music into a singing career and release a pop or R&B album. A friend of mine is a producer for 'N Sync and says I have the energy and charisma to be successful in the business (plus, I think I sound pretty good too!). But whatever I achieve, I thank my friends, fans and Playboy for their unconditional support and encouragement. I am grateful for all that I have accomplished and anticipate achieving much more in the future. I hope you enjoy the rest of my Personal Page! Thanks for stopping by!